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Perlerette by Volnay
Paris, France
Italian bergamot, Pink pepper, Bigarade grapefruit Modern eyelet, Gentle orange blossom, Tender jasmine, Modern rose, Pink pepper, Lilas Base 4092, Iralia, base, Iris, Ambrette, Vanilla, Violet, Musk powder. 100 ml Eau de parfum

Romantic and aerial spirals of fresh flowers spreading in its wake delicate powders of rose and iris, giving it a silky and sensual side. Perlerette is not a perfume; it is a way of being in the manner of queens, as Catherine de Medici, who perfumed her hair with iris.<br/>Perlerette is the historical scent of the Volnay home. Originally, the colored pearl, hence its name. Like a pearl, it is valuable and well-rounded. This is a powdery floral magnified by a mosaic of tones. The powdery florals are enhanced with ambrette. This seed, from a rare variety of hibiscus, brings a remarkable fruity nuance. Its origins are mainly from South America where Germaine Madeline lived